What is the cyclist's road map?

The cyclists street map is a way to track your progress against roads around the world. Cyclist's Road Map uses your Strava data to track which parts of a road you have ridden. Go out on multiple rides and ride the entire road from end to end.

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How does it work?

Cyclist's road map uses roads from OpenStreetMap and keeps the portions that are open to cyclists.

My newest rides aren't showing up

If you are not a premium member, you have to load your latest activities by fetching newest activities.

A Road doesn't appear on the map!

Update OpenStreetMap! All data is taken from OpenStreetMap. Anything that is on OpenStreetmap as a "route" (See an example here) is included. Once you've updated OpenStreetMap wait a few days and refresh the area or road.

The road looks wrong on the map!

Cyclists Road Map uses road data from OpenStreepmap, update OpenStreetmap and make the necessary changes and refresh the road on Cyclist's Road Map.

Only 25 rides are included, where are my older rides?

Free members can see results based on 25 rides. Free members can refresh their rides to see the latest 25 at any time. The plan for the future is to make all rides a premium feature, but until then, if you'd like be made a premium member for free and see all your rides, just reach out to use at info-at-cyclistsroadmap.com and we'd be happy to set you up!

I can only see a couple rides, I know I have more than that!

Free members can only see the recent 25 activities. However, non-rides are hidden so only rides in the last 25 activities are shown.